Gollum VS. Smeagol

Kind of a funny story, this post. I recently watched all of the extended edition Lord Of The Rings. I actually paid a lot of attention to Gollum/Smeagol this time. The fight that he has in his head, especially in this scene hit me. There is always a little bit of good in the bad. Of course Gollum ends up horrible, but for a short amount of time, you see the nice side!

“I believe that everyone has a nice side. But it is those willing to reveal a more vulnerable side of themselves, that seem the nicest. “-Emma Welling (Go ahead quote me on that to one of your friends).

We all have a Gollum side and we all have a Smeagol side. But if we can have the mind-set of finding the good in the bad, we can have one of these amazing moments in the video. Where we can say “Leave now and never come back!”. Good will always outweigh the bad, and that is a true fact!

Keep finding the good in the bad, I will bet you will have thrilling adventures because of it! (Sorry, I am trying to tie each of my posts back to adventures, and let us just face it. Some work better than others!)

Go Forth And Conquer!

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