Don’t Get Me Started On Music!

This is an adventure of its own stature! A lot of people say the cliche things of “Music is my Drug” or “I am addicted to music!”. But for me, music is more than that. Music is an outlet.

Do you ever have those things where when you are angry you go do them? They help you escape the feelings, and bring you somewhere new? For me that is music! Obviously I am not saying when I am angry I go listen to Lil’ Wayne or Chris Brown. Actually quite the contrary. I have no respect for anyone who sings or raps about drugs, alcohol, women as objects, sex, or parties. That is not what music is an outlet for in my mind. I feel a single instrument can reflect all of the feelings you are trapping inside.

Here is a fun fact for you! My favorite note is A flat. When that pedal tone, A flat triad, is plucked through my amp from my guitar, I get very teary eyed. It is as if someone is reaching out and saying, “I am here.”

It brings me somewhere different every time, on a new adventure, on a new journey. The feeling is unfathomable, but it has been waiting for me this whole time!

I am working on releasing my full album, instrumental album, by March! So stay tuned for this amazing adventure I am going to try to tackle!

UPDATE! You can now go to Bandcamp and get my EP for free, or any price you are willing to pay! Find it here:

Go Forth And Conquer!

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