Society…The Good, Bad, & Ugly

Ah society, I have been waiting to make a post out this. I feel now is the right time! Alright, 11:40pm on the 8th of January. What just hit my news-feed on Facebook? Oh, oh, oh, none other than the Naughty Kathy Griffin. She jeopardized Anderson Cooper’s career on New Years Eve. As they both host CNN’s New Years Eve Countdown, Kathy was wasted, as when is she never? She was getting down on Anderson, making offers for Oral Sex. You can read more about it if you are interested on the news. Heck, I bet if you Google it right now, it would be there. Just an example of how our society is such media based.

If I were to make a different title for my post, it would be this Society…The Good, Bad & Ugly. Because you know what? Our Society is horrible. We live in a material world. I just feel it is a sick and selfish way of looking at things. We don’t need THINGS to make ourselves happy. I feel like people worry to much. Society is not a drug. You can get out. So don’t you dare throw that excuse out of your bag of tricks.

Here is a quiz to see how much you are “too deeply involved with the materialist society”

1. If you could get either a gift worth $20 or $100, which would you choose?

2. Your mom invites you to go grocery shopping with her. Do you go because she will buy you stuff you want, or to lend an extra hand?

3. Your Parents are out of town for the weekend they give you $50 before they leave, do you spend it on beer, or food for dinner?

Let us see how you did!

You Passed as not too deeply involved with the materialist society if you answered:

1.$20, 2. Lend an extra hand, 3. food for dinner

You Failed as too deeply involved with the materialist society if you answered:

1.$100, 2.Because she will buy you stuff, 3.Spend it on Beer.

So, get your mind straight everyone, our society really isn’t that great. Stay tuned for Society…The Good, Bad, & Ugly part 2 later this week! Go make today an adventure. (Not too deeply involved with the materialist society!)

Go Forth And Conquer!

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