Society…The Good, Bad, & Ugly Part II

Ah, good old Blimey Cow posted a video a while back. Titled, “the one about sex”. The sense of humor that they bring into their videos are so original. But the video brings up some amazing points. Everything Hollywood has ever told us, is all a lie. “Getting to know” people, is in basically every TV show or movie now a days. The Characters just sleep around, Like it is no big deal. That if you don’t “Do the do” you are an outcast. Our society makes sex not seem important.

The way I think of it is, if I am not in the intention of marrying this guy, and having kids someday, it is not worth it. Sex is a big deal, and shouldn’t be thrown around so easily. The more the years go on, the more younger generations are learning about Hollywood’s view of sex, and less of its real importance. I can say, most 10 year olds know more about sex than I did at their age.
One thing is for sure, sex, and our society, were a blind date, and let us just say it didn’t end well. Fooling around, if definitely NOT worth it. I mean, would you really want to marry someone who was too naive to wait for the “right one” to give up their virginity to? More kids in High School and even younger, can already say they don’t have their “V-card”. What a disgrace.

Sex is an adventure, but not to fool around with at a young age. Save yourself from turmoil, wait until you’re with the right guy. Maybe you don’t believe in waiting for marriage, but just make sure this guy is worth it. And not some low-life asshole. No jerk only looking for sex is worth your time.

Go Forth And Conquer!

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