Pulling The All-Nighter

Must. Stay. Awake.

This is an adventure that I have a few tips for: 1. Never start it off by drinking an energy drink. 2. Never eat 2 Tim Horton’s Donuts in less than 10 minutes. 3. Never watch boring TV Shows.

Studies show that sound is what can keep people asleep, or awake. If you listen to music to loudly, it will be hard to even impossible to fall asleep. If you are listening to it too quietly, your mind is trying to hard to focus in on it. If you listen to a TV Show that has low voiced characters and the TV isn’t very loud, chances are you will fall asleep faster. Also, it is proven that you will fall asleep faster to Drama shows than Comedies.

So, I guess I am doing kind of bad right now. I started by drinking an energy drink, I ate 2 Tim Horton Donuts, and I bought 12 today with my Brother, and I am watching Fringe, and an episode with no real action. So my eye-lids are getting a little bit heavy.

Did you know, that if you look at a bright screen at night, you actually lose sleep time? It will take you almost an hour longer to fall back asleep. So dim screens are better at night!

This adventure, I must not let it win. But I am getting tired, just writing this blog post! I Must. Stay. Awake.

Go Forth And Conquer!

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