Jesus Moments…There Is Nothing Better!

These moments, are by far the best in the world. It makes you realize what God is doing in your life DAILY! (And yes, I did mean to bold, italicize, and capitalize that). Do you have absolutely no idea what a Jesus Moment is? Well don’t fret my friend, I’ll explain it! What lucky you are, for I just had a Jesus Moment today, so I can share with you a real life situation!

Let me start with a little background info about Jesus Moments. They date back all the way to the Old Testament. One major Jesus Moment we see/read is in 1 Samuel. David and Goliath! All the strong armies couldn’t take down Goliath, but because of faith, David could! This Jesus Moment is a lot different than the ones we experience nowadays.


My Jesus Moment, here we go! I was talking with a friend of mine about strength. I was telling her I felt like I have none, and that these certain battles I am facing right now, are impossible for me to overcome. So we conversed back, and my day went on. And today, out of the blew, Philippians 4:13 gets dropped in front of me! (“I can do all things through him who gives me strength”). I was so amazed, because it is exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. So then I went to go underline it in my bible on my desk, and there was already something underlined, a few verses before. Philippians 4:5-6, “ Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

I almost went running around my house yelling for joy! But then I realized it is snowing outside, so it is freezing cold, and I could be writing to you guys about this rather than freeze my butt off!

So basically, Jesus Moments are moments that only come from Jesus. They are your own mini miracles that you need. They come unexpectedly, and leave joyfully.

This happened last night as well, I was reading a book called “The Unquenchable Worshipper”, and I had a few things on my mind. One of which being, where is love when I need it the most. In the book, it briefly mentioned Psalm 136, so I read the snipit and moved on. But later that night, I got my nook out so I could do my devotionals before bed. I opened the bible app that I do it on, and it opened up straight to Psalm 136!! I read through it and ended up speechless. Again, it was just what I needed.

I really encourage you to read all of Psalm 136 sometime, it is very good. Once the Psalm is done, it has said the phrase “His Love Endures Forever” 26 times! That is enough to get you through one day and 2 more hours. Or a little less than one month, depending on how you would distribute it. But, God does miraculous things all the time. Even in YOUR own life. Yes, YOUR life. You just have to acknowledge him, and realize that John 14:8 is true. “If God is all you have, you have all you need.” I mean, Jesus Moments non-stop? Now that would be a dream come true!

Your Adventures Await…Go Forth And Conquer!

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