Playing In A Band

As I have mentioned a few times in my past posts, I play in a band. We don’t really have a band name, because we don’t like to refer to ourselves as  a real band. Because being a band means you are playing a gig, or event. And our we don’t want to put a show on for people, we want to achieve one goal. We want to engage in Worship with everyone else.

I like to think of it as this: “We may be on a stage, amplified, and facing a crowd, but that is not our audience. If we are in true Worship, we have an audience of ONE: God.”- Emma Welling  (Feel free to quote me on that!).

God is the only person we should be Worshipping. Because it is all and only for him. We always have lyrics of Shout it Out, Sing it Out, and Proclaim His Holy Name, But if we aren’t really doing that, what is the point of singing it?

One thing that is difficult in being in a “Worship” Band, is the first word: Worship. A common misconception about Worship, is that it is only when we are singing in church, or with a Christian Band.

Worship isn’t something you put 25 minutes of a service to do. It is something we should be doing non-stop. It is how we communicate, and enter into God’s Presence. It is one of the most physical forms of communication with God too!

So don’t think of Worship as watching some people in a band on stage play, think of it as your way of talking and feeling God’s Presence. Because that is what REAL Worship is!

Your Adventures Await…Go  Forth And Conquer!


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