This Lenten Season

As most people know, you are supposed to give up something for the Lenten season. Although, a lot of people do not know why. You see the Lenten season is preparation for Easter, or when Jesus died and rose 3 days later. But as Jesus traveled to get to his death, he went through the desert. He had nothing, it was full of fasting and praying. Thus the Lenten season brings the giving up of something.

As you give up something, every time you think about it, you are supposed to pray and think about Jesus and his fasting for his death. It reminds you of why you gave up what you did. It is a reminder of the preparation for Easter.

The 2013 Lenten Season is from February 13 to March 28. And I bet you are all dying to know what I am giving up this year, am I right? Well, in years past, I have given up things like junk food, facebook, cell phone. But this year I am stepping out of my comfort zone. I am doing something that while Jesus was in the desert, me most likely didn’t have. This Lenten Season, I am giving up my bed. I will either sleep on a floor or a couch. But from the 13th of February to the 28th of March, I will never be found sleeping in a bed.

I am a little scared to see if I can really achieve it or not, but I have a good feeling about this one. I am hoping it will bring a commitment to my faith that I haven’t experienced yet! I’ll try to keep you all posted this whole Lenten Season on my progress or in the worst case scenario, my failures!

Your Adventures Await…Go Forth And Conquer!

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