Ignite Camp 2013: The Best Week of The Summer

Words cannot fully describe the wonderful things God does at Ignite Camp. This year, for me personally, was by far the best one yet. It’s been a week since I got home, and I think I have all of the big moments tied down now, that I can try to describe it to y’all on this blog post. (:

There is always one thing you can be sure of when you leave camp: You will have a spiritual high. It’s so amazing what God can do in just a week. But when the Holy Spirit enters you at camp, you always still feel great for a week or two afterwords. Our speaker this year, Doug, was trying to convey to us that our spiritual high doesn’t have to stop. We should have the same passion for God now to when we go to Ignite Camp 2014.

The biggest thing that stuck out to me in all of his messages was what we need to actively be doing. He gave us four “30-day challenges”.

  1. Pray
  2. Worship
  3. Read the Gospels
  4. Serve

If we actively do all of these things, people will start to see something different in us and will want to know what it is. And in the end, it all leads back to God. Awesome right?! I think I might just go out and buy someone’s groceries or help out at retirement centers. I want people to see God in everything I do.

One of the biggest life changing events that happened for me at Camp was getting baptized. On the first night, I felt like God was calling me to get baptized. I realized that the Thursday of the week we were at camp–July 11–marked the 3 years of when I accepted the Lord into my heart. I felt even more of a calling to get baptized on that day. When I did get baptized, I felt like all the baggage in my life was taken away and I felt so much “lighter”. It’s an unfathomable feeling, but if you’ve been baptized, I think you know what I’m talking about. From that day on, I have felt the Holy Spirit take over my life, and direct me in the way I should go. It is surely a day I will never forget; Praise God!

There sure was a lot of crying at camp. On the last night, we partake in communion. We pray with our cabins, and it’s just a huge night of self-reflection and community. At one point, my whole cabin and I are all full on sobbing. Don’t forget the fact that just 3 hours earlier I had been baptized, so I was already emotional. At one point I couldn’t control myself anymore! I went from hyper-ventilating to not breathing at all. Geez, what a night that was! But God definitely moved in everyone, and in the midst of the tears, he changed me.

In the end, Ignite Camp is definitely worth taking up a week of your time to do. Through all the tears, laughing, 4-square tournaments, kayaking on the lake, amazing worship and more, you couldn’t ask for anything else. God does marvelous things at Ignite and I am already counting down until next year!

Your adventures await…Go forth and conquer!

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