ARK–Acts of Random Kindness

Have you ever been told that you made someone’s day? Has someone ever made your day? Have you experienced that feeling where you feel like people care and want to be there? This feeling, is one I want everyone to experience.

It’s one of my new goals to make someone’s day. Whether it be complimenting them, letting them know I love them, or simply being nice to them. Kindness makes the world go round. It is something this world needs more of. If everyone were to participate in ARK (Acts of Random Kindness), people would most likely feel better about themselves.

The best feeling is when someone shows their affection, care, support to you. When someone tells me “I love you, and you have a purpose here, you are going to do great things!”, my day feels so much better. It is so great to know that someone cares for me and wants me to be happy. It’s almost as if I feel “lighter” or “high-spirited”. The confirmation of the things you’ve always wondering, like “Am I even loved?”, “What’s worth fighting for anymore?”, “Do I even belong?”, makes you want to go even farther in life.

So join me and make is a goal to participate in ARK everyday. Who knows what will happen when you make someone’s day. You just might be the person who changes their life. If you know what it feels like, pass the feeling on!


Your Adventures Await…Go Forth And Conquer!

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