Well, This Is Embarrassing…

I haven’t posted in yikes, almost a year. For those of you who stuck it out until the end and kept waiting for another post, I give you my most sincere of apologies. I tried doing a side blog for a while, I wasn’t very consistent with it though, and so it is just sitting there too. I hope to do more with this one and that blog. (If you want to check it out, it has to do with all the Psalms and really digging into their meaning..at least to me! But here’s the link for those of you interested. http://emmawelling.wordpress.com/ ).

Jeez, so much has happened in a year, I don’t know where to begin! The obvious I guess: I am no longer an underclassman in high school. Junior year here I come! I turned 16, and hopefully will be getting my license to drive soon! Andddd, a whole bunch of other stuff happened too, but why spill it all now when it could possibly be so many more future blog posts?!?!

In any case…I’m back!!!! And I will be implementing a better schedule and routine for writing blog posts on both of my blogs. Stay posted! I promise I won’t leave you hanging anymore without prior notice!

Your Adventures Await…Go Forth & Conquer!!!

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