What Having ADD Has Taught Me.

Attention Deficit Disorder.

I like chemistry; today is not a chemistry lesson day. It is, however, a tell-it-as-it-is day. I feel like this post is long overdue–ADD is something that has affected my life in a grand way. But the reason I’ve been holding off writing about it, is because until recently I didn’t fully understand what my diagnosis meant. I failed to realize the last letter in the abbreviation: Disorder.

If you are around people enough, you hear of disorders thrown left and right that in actuality don’t really apply to the person. For example, you see someone straightening their desk, and they make a comment of “Oh my OCD is just really bad today”. Or one that I think people don’t know is a disorder, but when they say “Oh I’m down in the dumps, I’m pretty depressed.” But the one that gets to me the most, because it actually rings true to me is people who are having trouble staying on task and say something along the lines of “My ADD is acting up, guys.”

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

(Major) Depressive Disorder

Attention Deficit Disorder

In my honest opinion, everyone gets a little nit picky about tidiness, doesn’t mean you have a disorder. Everyone gets a little sad or stuck in the doldrums, doesn’t mean you have a disorder. And everyone gets a little unfocused, doesn’t mean you have a disorder.

When I first got diagnosed, I used my “label” as an excuse. A way to have more time on tests, a way to go to the library when I needed a quiet environment, a way to get extended due dates. But now I understand, a disorder is not an excuse for anything. I know people who wish they could have ADD so they could work in the library. To the people who say that, trust me, you do not want a disorder for its “perks”. Because if you honestly had the disorder, these things wouldn’t seem like perks, they would seem like necessities, and necessities you aren’t always promised.

I learned from being diagnosed with ADD that the wrong medication will make you focus, the right medication will make you yourself. Focus is key, everyone gets unfocused–this is where I’m not heading into a chemistry lesson, because I could go on and on about the chemicals in our brains. If we were able to focus all the time, it would deprive us from sleep, forever. Being on a medication that robs you of yourself, can actually make you do irrational things, I can fully testify to this. ADD is a deficit of your attention, but with some medications that you can be put on, it may decrease the deficit of attention, but create a new deficit in your personality.

Attention Deficit Disorder is not an excuse. It is an actual disorder. Everyone gets a little unfocused. But when that is affecting the normality of your life and yourself, that’s when you are getting clues as to if it is a disorder. ADD shouldn’t be treated lightly or as a joke. Having ADD has taught me more about myself than anything else–life gets real when you realize you aren’t “normal”.


Your Adventures Await…Go Forth and Conquer!

One thought on “What Having ADD Has Taught Me.

  1. I’m so glad you are not “normal”, Emma. That would put you in a boring – same-as everyone-else category. God has made you special, with talents that are only enhanced by your “ADD”. That is just part of what God has put in you to develop into the intelligent, sensitive person He intends for you. I love your spontaneity, honesty and ear for the Lord’s leading. Go Forth!! I love you, Grandma Hall

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