We Are Opinionated People

Someone once told me that if you want to make a person mad at you or not like you almost instantly, you just have to mention “the big three”: Religion, Politics, and Race.

For some reason, these topics are a big no, no in a social conversation. We all have different views, and we don’t like our opinions to be questioned. “My way is the only way!”–funny because just this week I’ve heard so many people say that. Hmm…interesting.

I think that I take having an opinion on something for granted. In the US we are allowed to believe whatever our hearts desire, and we are allowed to vocalize it, as long as it doesn’t hurt or attack others. I mean we have this thing called The Bill of Rights, which I’m sure all Americans are familiar with. I mean it’s no big deal–just 10 big amendments giving us freedoms and rights, which all make and reflect our opinions. But my goodness we take it for granted every time we open our mouths!

Why then do we get so uncomfortable or frustrated when we hear others talk about “The big three”? Well, it’s actually quite simple: We are opinionated people. For some reason, we enjoy connecting opinions to arrogance. Everyone believe that their opinion is the best and nothing else matters.
Just for the record, I don’t think my opinions are better than anyone’s. All are equal and valid–sure some may be more abstract or far-fetched. But in that person’s mind, it makes total sense. All I can say in regard to that is, “Each to their own.”

In case you didn’t know, we will never agree on everything. I can’t hate people for that fact, but we are all set in our ways. There’s no way that every opinion on every single thing in the world can all be agreed upon. It’s why when we are forced to believe something, we never truly enjoy it. It’s why communism doesn’t work–at least in my opinion.
Just because we may never all agree on everything, I’m still willing to voice my opinions. Not out of arrogance or because I think I’m better. But because in expressing what I believe, I can open the door to looking at things with a different lens. My intent on stating my opinions isn’t to try and convert your opinions–look how terribly that ended for Hitler. All I try to do is make people think about things in a different way.

As I mentioned earlier that I take for granted the fact that I can have an opinion freely, it makes me think about things in our world. How there are conflicts based solely on the fact that one side thinks their way is better.
Think about the countries that are killing Christians for expressing their belief/opinion.
Think about certain places in the world that still discriminate races, because others think they are superior.
Think about the different types of government in the world and how they won’t stand others because they view things differently.

You bring up “the big three” in our culture, and the conversation will get very heated.
We’re opinionated people, we take that for granted.
But each to their own.

Your Adventures Await…Go Forth and Conquer!

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