Just Breathe.

Life is always moving and changing. It can be hard to keep up. It occupies our minds. Sometimes I feel like I need to remind myself to breathe. As if I need to had a scheduled time labeled “Emma’s Breathing Time”. With so many other thoughts on my mind–school, friends, grades, activities–I often times forget the things that are right in front of my face. I stop cherishing the good moments, because I’m too focused on making those moments happen for the future.

That’s one thing I spend too much time worrying about: The Future.
It’s so intimidating. So unknown. At times it even seems ambiguous.
I hate ambiguity.

I’m expected to be thinking about so many things–the ACT, colleges, my GPA, what I want to major in, etc. You want to know something though? Thinking about those things all the time, I feel, has got to physically maim me at some point! It’s ridiculous–I feel like when I get a cold, at least once, it was in part of the stress of thinking so much about the future.

That future doesn’t just have to be academically though. I think about the future as who I am going to be. What kind of person I want people to see me as. If I’ll be happy. If I’ll be content. If I’ll end up okay. I think about if I’ll have a family of my own. Who my future significant other may be. What my home life will be like. There is so much to think about, and so little time. Because by the time I get it sorted out, the future will be the present time. And then it’s all out of my hands. Life goes on the course its destined to. That thought scares me sometimes. It makes me realize all the work I put in, all the stress and worry about the future, it may be for nothing. I may have wasted my time.

That is why I need to remind myself to breathe.
I need to wake up every morning and be happy that I got up.
I need to wake up and say “Thank you for saving me today, God”.
I need to take a deep breath which fills up my lungs, open my eyes, and be thankful for what I am given in this exact moment.

November is typically known as the month of thankfulness. Which I find a bit crazy. Shouldn’t we be thankful year round? But I digress. In the spirit of thankfulness, I need to open my eyes to all that is around me. To the technology I can use to produce my words and publish them. To the school–though sometimes I really hate it–that instructs me, prepares me, and educates me for the real world. To the home that I get to go home to and the family that resides in it. To the food that always ends up on my plate. To the medicine that keeps me healthy. To the life I am given, when I really don’t deserve it.

We have so much to be thankful for, but are blinded by the stresses and worry of the rest of our world.
I need to realize the importance of what I have. Embrace its presence. And utilize it for the making of my future.

That is why I need to remind myself to breathe.
That is why I need to be thankful.
I need to wake up and say “thank you for saving me today, God”.

I just need to breathe. And let life do its thing.
You have so much to live for. But for now, Just Breathe.

Your Adventures Await…Go Forth and Conquer!

One thought on “Just Breathe.

  1. Emma, the teen years do seem exhausting and fearful, and you do need to take one day at a time and not borrow from all the days ahead. If you can practice “breathing” as you describe, the here and now will be something to enjoy and be at ease. In the last few years, Grandpa and I tried to quote this verse while we were making the bed in the morning: Psalm 118:24 (ESV) This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Actually, one of us would start with the first phrase and the other would finish with the last phrase. You might try making this a practice, then when you get married you can get your husband to join in with you. I love your posts! I love you, Emma!! Grandma Hall

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