Hello 2015…Farewell 2014.

Hello 2015. Nice to finally meet you. I’ve got a few words I’d like to say to you, but before I do, I’d like to bid adieu to 2014.

Dear 2014,

You were a pain most of the time. I’m the youngest kid in my family, but from how my brothers describe me, you are like an annoying little sibling. You pestered me, made me put up with your shenanigans, you got me in trouble, and despite my aggressive threats you never left me alone.
Okay, okay, I’ll cut you a little bit of slack 2014; you probably had a lot on your plate too. I know everything happens for a reason and all to make us the best version of ourselves in the end. But can you really blame me for thinking you gave me a lot of bad all at once? That hurt, 2014, really badly. I’m not begging for an apology, but I just wanted you to know that it hurt.
In the midst of the bad, you did give me amazing people to talk to. You brought me to a group of peers who I can call at anytime, day or night, about anything and they will be there. They may not have had advice, but they encouraged me and prayed for me. So thanks 2014 for blessing me with those amazing people. Thank you for the one specific friend who answered my call when I had made some poor decisions. Thanks for that friend’s decision to intervene and help me stop with these decisions. Without that phone call, I’d be screwed. I can’t thank you enough 2014.
On the topic of things I want to thank you for, thanks for the amazing experience I had at the fall retreat with my youth group. Thank you for letting that work on my calendar so I could go. It changed me. I left that retreat a new person, and 2014, that wouldn’t have happened without you. Thank you for bringing me to that youth group this year. you don’t know how perfect it is for me. Again, without you it would never have occurred.
2014, I met a lot of great people in my time spent with you. I could write a book about all the different people and how they’ve helped me in different ways. It is my hope, 2014, that they know how much I appreciate all they did for me while you were around.

I started blogging again because of something that happened while you were here, 2014. Did you know that? When my grandpa’s cancer started taking a turn for the bad, I didn’t know how to cope. So I wrote. First in my worn down Moleskine journal. But I remembered Grandpa always loved my writing. He would always ask me why there wasn’t anything new on my blog. So I started posting again. 2014, that was the most healing process for me. I didn’t care if no one else in the world saw my blog posts–if my grandpa did, that’s all I cared about. I’m thankful that I honed my writing skills while you were around. that I met fellow writers and shared with them my work. I’m thankful that I got to stay in contact with my grandpa through my words even though he was hours away. And now even that he’s gone, I’m thankful I was allowed to write and read a eulogy for his funeral. I’m thankful he got to hear it before he passed away. I hope he can still read my blog posts while in Heaven. But if not, I’m thankful that my dear, sweet grandma can read and comment on my blog posts. Whenever I see she’s commented, my day gets a little brighter. Did you ever know that, 2014? It’s true and because of you.

Family played a huge role in my life when you were here, 2014. Specifically, I think about most recently, when my family offered my cousin a place to stay. As much as he needed a place, I needed a friend and a mentor. Someone who would listen to me rant, who would text me when I was having a bad day. Someone who would open up to me, as I did likewise. Someone who wouldn’t give up on me. Someone who would drive me around town, go shopping with me. More than anything, he was just there for me. I can’t thank you enough, 2014. I am so glad my cousin and I bonded and that he became like another big brother for me. Those are memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I went through some really tough things when you were around, 2014. But I never gave up. I found things that I could rely on: music, writing, community, faith. Even though it was tough, it was a major learning period for me. I learned what it is like to lose your best friend–my grandpa, I learned what it is like to hit rock bottom and search for anything to help. I learned what it is like to make the worst decisions ever, I learned what it is like to be a real Christ-follower. I learned what it is like to be the best version of myself. It was hard and painful, but without you I couldn’t have learned it. More than anything, I survived. 2014, you are gone now, and I think I’m okay with that. I’m ready for something new. I’m glad I made it through, it was bumpy and long, but I’m here. 2014: Thanks.

2015 I don’t have much to say. But I want fun adventures, and I want to see the world. I want to meet people, stay in a great community. 2015, This is a year of change. I know I say that every year but still. Let’s make this one good. And try not to throw too much bad at me, okay?

Your Adventures Await…Go Forth & Conquer!

One thought on “Hello 2015…Farewell 2014.

  1. I love this post, Emma. It’s neat how you can “talk” to an inanimate object, give it a personality, and use that personality to convey your message. I suspect you will have some bumps along the road in 2015, but I know you will learn what they need to teach you and pick yourself up, a better person for the bumps. I love you! Grandma

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