Oscillations: A Digital Narrative

I’ve been in my winter term for about six weeks now. One of my favorite courses right now is my Advanced Composition class. Not only is my teacher amazing at his craft, he helps all of us dig deep and truly hone our craft. the assignment we are working on at the moment is a digital personal narrative. So instead of just writing an essay, we add some type of digital/visual/video to it. This project isn’t due until next week, but because I have loved being creative with it so much, I’ve already finished. I’ll let you all get the first peek at it, before I present it next week. Hope you enjoy!

Here is the actual essay for those of you who still love to read words.

I don’t hear music, I feel it. Like blood pumping through my heart, oxygen filling up my lungs; it’s almost involuntary, second nature. I don’t play instruments for the sounds, I play for the vibrations. Like a tide crashing on the shoreline and the undertow that follows; I feel it kick back at me, move through me.
I don’t listen, I feel.
But I didn’t always feel.
The thought of going unnoticed or feeling the pain from people coming into my life only to inevitably leave, enveloped me with anxiety. I didn’t want to feel anything at all.
I didn’t want to feel so much that it pushed me over the edge. Down. Down I tumbled into a desolate abyss. The emptiness–overwhelmingly strong–wrapped around me. As I sat weak and alone, broken and hopeless, the depression sunk deep into my soul.
There was nothing.
I listened as the last echo faded off into the dark, unknown chasm…and then, immediately a loud oscillation, loud enough to shatter anything in its path, charged through the depths. The power of the noises and vibrations pierced through all of me: my calloused heart, my distraught mind, my downcast soul. The vibrations brought all that was trapped inside out. They worked without fail to assemble all the fractured pieces which once formed me. The vibrations broke me in a sense; they broke the brokenness and made me whole again. The powerful oscillations reverberated, awakening all that I am. It acted like a hand that stretched out to reach mine, and like a reassuring voice, swooned: “Come, follow me. I promise I won’t let go.” I extended to grab ahold of its embrace, to be pulled out from this miry pit, and for the first time, I felt.
Suddenly every sound, note, vibration, they all seemed to be working through me; they all seemed to be transforming me. I can feel it as one pattern falls into the next, the next into the next, and on and on it goes. I am beyond acknowledging its presence–I reach out to it. And in the end, music makes this broken life feel again.

Your Adventures Await…Go Forth and Conquer!

One thought on “Oscillations: A Digital Narrative

  1. Emma, I hope your amazing teacher recognizes the talent you have been given. I am awed at how you can dig deep inside, then bring it out to put into words so the whole world can see. I’m proud to be your grandma!

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