Post-High School Life. 

It finally dawned on me this week that I will never have to go back to high school. I thought it would hit me November 26th—but what followed my finals was thanksgiving break. By the time it was the 30th and everyone went back to work and school, I felt like my vacation was extended. However, life likes to hit me in the face when I least expect it. It look as if my advanced planning was in shambles. One thing wasn’t going to work, then another and another. Eventually, I grew tired of my “fool-proof” plan. 
It was my expectation that the stress of high school would be gone once I finished. Much to my surprise, I felt more overwhelmed and stressed; I was entering the real world and nothing was going accordingly. Was I already going to fail at being a post-high schooler in the world? Niiiiiccceee, Emma. Reeeeeaaalll nice. 

Don’t worry though, there is hope for me! In one weekend, I went from pessimistic to optimistic. Every problem that went wrong with my plan, received a solution. I didn’t think I was going to be able to take online college classes before I start my freshman year at GVSU in the fall. I was informed that starting early would forfeit all my scholarships. 

But, this weekend, I received an email from MCC saying that as long as I had less than 30 credit hours from their online classes, my enrollment and scholarships for the fall ’16 semester at GVSU wouldn’t be affected at all! So this winter and/or spring I will take a few gen ed courses through MCC!

A few internship and shadowing opportunities for my interest in Speech-Language Pathology didn’t work out and I was left with no options to see what a SLP does on the job. But then, the admissions officer for the SLP program at GVSU, who just happens to go to my church, told me this weekend that she has set up some opportunities for me to shadow graduate students from GVSU and see on-site what it is like to be in speech path. 

I went from thinking that I wasn’t going to be able to write and that if I am being serious about my future and my career, writing wouldn’t be able to be a priority. Then, over the past two weeks, at least 5 individuals have asked me and encouraged me to pursue something with writing or English. They all told me that it would be wrong for me to put a stop to my writing. It was their words that gave me motivation to keep writing and honing my craft—who knows how far it will take me!

This week, I have finally realized that high school is in my past because a new plan has been created and it is one that I believe will lead me to success and clarity. I just wish I could have thought of it by myself in the first place!

So here’s to the future. To college classes, job shadowing, and more writing. I’m excited, nervous, and intrigued. But more than anything, I’m ready to go see what the world has for me and what I have for the world. 

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