I’m Writing a Book. 

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s failing to stick to a routine. I absolutely love writing and my website. But, I often push it off and let my app stare directly at me with judgement in the corner of my screen. It beckons me to its gentle hand. Eventually I feel guilty and cave. Which leads me to this moment!

The title does ring true and I have in fact decided to write a book. The current working title for it is Thinking About My Thoughts. I’m excited to write this book and hopefully make accessible to those interested. I won’t reveal everything I’ve written so far, but I will share with you all now, the book’s introduction!

I would consider myself a very active person—as long as your definition of active isn’t running a mile in under 10 minutes, holding a plank position for over 30 seconds, or tracking my calories. I have the physical stamina of an overweight, middle-aged man with asthma and a blood type of chocolate nugget. When offered to run in a race, I answer: “No, I will not be participating in your (5k/half-marathon/marathon/any distance farther than my front door to my mailbox event). It would take me twice as long as your slowest runner.”

My active lifestyle is more about my brain. I believe that our brains are only as smart and capable as we are, so I decided to spend my life expanding my capabilities and seeing all that I can get my brain to do. I am constantly thinking abdout things, analyzing situations, and observing people; yes, I have received some weird looks when I’m staring at strangers’ behaviors. There is not a waking moment of my day where I am not consciously thinking.

I don’t like to use the normal term for this—over-thinking—because it has a major negative connotation. I don’t believe you can think something too much; instead you end up ignoring the entire meaning of said thing and you get confused by your own thoughts. While some run away from this, I embrace it. I accept the fact that I have hit a mental wall and I use that opportunity to think about my thoughts. I ask myself why I’m thinking the thoughts I am and I evaluate it’s importance in the moment.

Thinking about your thoughts requires you to be vulnerable with yourself—to become self-aware.

This book isn’t about how to think about your thoughts, but instead is a book about my life and the times I pursued my own thinking in situations. This is a book where I open my mind—my vulnerability—to you, the reader, so that you can truly realize the power we all possess in our minds. And it all starts with thinking about your thoughts.

Make sure to stick around for a few months as I get moving forward on this project. I’ll try my very best to stay active on my site and to keep you posted on book writing endeavor!

Take it easy, kid!

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