Sometimes doubts and lies cloud my thoughts.

“Sometimes” recently has been every day. For a few months now, people have been encouraging me to speak truth into my life. It seemed like a very arbitrary thing and I wasn’t convinced it would even work. I put off giving it an effort for a long time. But then I noticed that these doubts and lies in my mind were causing me to be overly anxious. I was getting more anxiety attacks than I normally do, and I was confused—I’m on medications that are supposed to prevent these, why does it keep happening? It was then that someone revealed to me something that answered all my questions: Spiritual Warfare.

There is victory in Christ, and we are affirmed of this especially now as Easter just happened. However, we still live in a fallen and broken world and that gives Satan the opportunity to get us where we are most vulnerable. For me that is in my mind with lies and doubts that he seeds in deep. He can wound you deep in your sins and in your struggles.

For me, it takes a literal reminder of the truth. After hearing from countless people that I need to tell myself the truth, I remember having a phone call with a friend where I had an “aha” moment. A week later, Satan didn’t want me to have victory over him, so he crowded my minds with more doubts and lies and I had a very hard time with my anxiety. That’s when I decided to make a truth book.

I have one of those little pocket-sized notebooks and I filled 40 pages with truths that I need to remind myself of in those times where I am doubting and am swallowed up in lies. The truths are in fact true and even though some of them are simple, when I repeat them to myself, it does have power. While my truths may be different than the ones you may need to tell yourself, and speak into your life, I want to share with you what my 40 are.

I am loved.
I am not alone.
I am a child of God.
I am forgiven.
I am freed.
I have no reason to fear.
I am cherished.
I am treasured.
I am covered by His grace.
I am not bound to my sin.
I am held in his perfect peace.
I am not a slave to my addictions.
I am never abandoned.
I am not a mistake.
I am never too far gone.
I am not my past.
I am not a burden.
I am not what others have done to me.
I am redeemed.
I am alive.
I am restored.
I am not my anxiety.
I am not my depression.
I am not condemned.
I am covered by His blood.
I have hope.
I have joy.
I cannot be separated from His love.
I am healed.
I always have a way out.
I have God on my side.
I will survive.
I am part of His kingdom.
I am adored.
I can abide in Him.
I can be used as a vessel.
I am important.
I have one life to give to Him.
I am protected.
I am found in Him.

I carry this little notebook in my purse with me, so wherever I go the truth is always with me. There is scripture basis for the truth with makes it a powerful and effective tool in this spiritual warfare. May it be an encouragement to you that you don’t have to live in those doubts and fears.

What truths do you need to tell yourself?


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