The “Bail Out” Club.

The “Bail Out” Club.

People come into our lives for many reasons.¬†Some teach us lessons. Some make us grow. Some encourage us and help us. And some come into our lives just to leave. These select few belong to what I refer to as The “Bail Out” Club.

I have been (un)fortunate enough to come into contact with many BOC members. Through knowing these people, I have cultivated the 5 major traits of a “Bail Out” Club member:

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Just Breathe.

Life is always moving and changing. It can be hard to keep up. It occupies our minds. Sometimes I feel like I need to remind myself to breathe. As if I need to had a scheduled time labeled “Emma’s Breathing Time”. With so many other thoughts on my mind–school, friends, grades, activities–I often times forget the things that are right in front of my face. I stop cherishing the good moments, because I’m too focused on making those moments happen for the future.

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We Are Opinionated People

Someone once told me that if you want to make a person mad at you or not like you almost instantly, you just have to mention “the big three”: Religion, Politics, and Race.

For some reason, these topics are a big no, no in a social conversation. We all have different views, and we don’t like our opinions to be questioned. “My way is the only way!”–funny because just this week I’ve heard so many people¬†say that. Hmm…interesting.

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Motivated: Why I’m Not.

Some days I wake up and wish I could flip the pillow to the cold side and fall back asleep. Some days I get dressed and wish I didn’t always feel the need to impress. Some days I start my day and wish it could be the shortest one of them all. Some days I do work and wish it didn’t take effort.

Some days I have no motivation.
“Some days” has been every day this week.
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Don’t Be Afraid To Say No.

Live the life you want for yourself.

Don’t worry about what anyone else wants.

You aren’t living for them, are you?

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