We Are Opinionated People

Someone once told me that if you want to make a person mad at you or not like you almost instantly, you just have to mention “the big three”: Religion, Politics, and Race.

For some reason, these topics are a big no, no in a social conversation. We all have different views, and we don’t like our opinions to be questioned. “My way is the only way!”–funny because just this week I’ve heard so many people say that. Hmm…interesting.

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Grab a Coffee to Catch Up With Someone, Not Your Phone.

In a world where electronic devices are running rampant, we often overlook the power involved in communication. In a world where most conversations are carried through texting, facebook messaging, or other means of social media, we often overlook the power of our words. Instead of sentences filled with meaning and purpose, we have to whip up an ironic, funny, sometimes biased statement in 140 characters or less—all in the hopes of getting the most likes, favorites or retweets. Continue reading “Grab a Coffee to Catch Up With Someone, Not Your Phone.”