Thoughts While Driving Podcast

Now that I am officially done with high school (yay for graduating early!!), I spontaneously decided to record myself while I was driving; at the time I was think about something so I voiced my thoughts out loud…in my car…alone. Call me crazy, but I made some very interesting observations from it! I strongly suggest that you express out loud the thoughts in your head–of course you don’t necessarily have to be as extreme as me and do it while driving or publish it for the whole world to listen to.

On the premiere episode, I discussed empathy, human connection, and ignorance in today’s society. I had 20 minutes of recording at first, but I dwindled it down to about six minutes. I’d love for you to take a seat, buckle up, and enjoy my thoughts while driving.



The 616.

West Michigan is extremely beautiful. There is so much to gawk at while one finds him or herself driving down the winding country roads or along the shoreline. Speaking for myself, I love driving by the beach. Lake Michigan is breathtaking—and all year round if I may add. There’s something about humans and bodies of water, that it grabs our attention. Continue reading “The 616.”