The “Bail Out” Club.

The “Bail Out” Club.

People come into our lives for many reasons. Some teach us lessons. Some make us grow. Some encourage us and help us. And some come into our lives just to leave. These select few belong to what I refer to as The “Bail Out” Club.

I have been (un)fortunate enough to come into contact with many BOC members. Through knowing these people, I have cultivated the 5 major traits of a “Bail Out” Club member:

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Oscillations: A Digital Narrative

I’ve been in my winter term for about six weeks now. One of my favorite courses right now is my Advanced Composition class. Not only is my teacher amazing at his craft, he helps all of us dig deep and truly hone our craft. the assignment we are working on at the moment is a digital personal narrative. So instead of just writing an essay, we add some type of digital/visual/video to it. This project isn’t due until next week, but because I have loved being creative with it so much, I’ve already finished. I’ll let you all get the first peek at it, before I present it next week. Hope you enjoy!

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Inspire: My Word of the Year.

Have you ever felt alone? Tired? Undeserving? Afraid? Have you ever questioned the very essence of life? Asked yourself “Why”? Wondered if hope actually existed?

Yeah me too.

The moment someone first said that to me, I was inspired. The first time they said it and I actually accepted it, understood it, believed it, I was inspired. The first time I realized I wasn’t the only one, I was inspired.
This person that first inspired me, I don’t think they realize it. But from that day forward, all the people I inspire, they are inspired not only by me, but also the person who inspired me in the beginning. It’s a never-ending cycle of inspiration. Let me repeat that: A never-ending cycle of inspiration.

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