Modern Hymns–Not Just an Oxymoron.

I love hymns. I know that is pretty rare to hear a teenager say, but it’s true. I love the four-part harmony in hymns, and the poetic ways the lyrics are written in! I wouldn’t say I grew up with hymns, but they were definitely present. My grandpa would always be whistling one under his breath. Every thanksgiving my whole family sings the doxology before we eat. Being in a musical family sure does help my love of hymns though. A lot of people I talk to my age aren’t huge fans of them. I hope we don’t lose the tradition of it. They have such deep rooted meanings, a lot of time straight from scripture. I know not one type of music pleases God more in worship. But at times, I feel a lot more in hymns than I do a generic contemporary praise song—don’t get me wrong though, I love those songs too!

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